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You Tiao Man Pte Ltd

Yummy Yam Hum Chim Peng (Mini)

  • A well-loved savoury snack; loved by many in Singapore.  A childhood favourite, these fried "asian doughnuts" bring back fond memories of our childhood. 

    We love yam, so we decided to throw it in the bun and the result was fantastic! Introducing the one and only... Yummy Yam Hum Chee Peng!

    Filled with Yam paste, these sweet buns (Hum Chim Peng) are incredibly fragrant and delicious. These are now available in a mini bite size portions for your whole family to enjoy.

    No deep frying required! Simply pop it into an oven or air fryer and a delicious treat is ready for you in 5-10 minutes!

    Enjoy the best of Singapore's favourites, in the convenience of your home!

    10 pieces per packet

    (40g per piece)

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